Here is a list of releases I was involved in:

Let Curiosity SleepKAŚKA – let curiosity sleep [2020]

Secret StarYeah Low Pierrot – Secret Star [2020]
Coproduced, Bass, Mastering

Can We Twist AgainYeah Low Pierrot – Can We Twist Again? [2020]
Coproduced, Bass, Mastering

sleeptapeGBO – Sleeptape [2018]
Bass on NESTOR, Woufbedone1, Woufbedtwo2 and Shhh So Pretty

Cyborg DesireSerge Bringolf – Cyborg Desire [2018]
Bass on Galactical Dreams, Song for Jaco, Ekton (The beginning), Cyborg Blues, Spanish Rock, 57 World, Space Exploration, Mutation and Give Me Your Love

Nou Lavi
Dylan Grh – Nou Lavi [2018]

Louish – Street Food [2018]
My first solo album (more info here)

Lapez GBO
GBO – Lapez+GBO [2018]
Bass and synth bass on Oh

ISHWA – ISHWA [2017]
Bass on a⌉ one

Lucia de Carvalho – Kuzola [2016]
Bass on En attendant la mort and Coisas de Família

Re-Enter the Ghost
ITJ – Re-Enter the Ghost [2016]
Coproduced, Bass and other instruments

Madoube Project – Kumaonfé [2015]
Bass on Strasbourg and Na

Everyday Mythology
Loomings – Everyday Mythology [2015]

Dri Djibasso Dembele – Hinne [2013]

360 Music Era
In Time Jazz – 360° Music Era [2013]
Coproduced, Bass

In Time Jazz
In Time Jazz – In Time Jazz [2012]
Coproduced, Bass